Self-Managed Super Fund Accounting & Tax Services Melbourne

Taking control of your Super Fund allows you to take control of your super, make important investment decisions, and get a first-hand picture of their investment performance. Opting for a self-managed super fund in Australia is becoming more and more popular. But before making a huge decision, it is best to look at pros and cons of the choice your faced with.

Issues to be aware of before setting up a Self-Managed Super Fund:

  1. Limited number of members
  2. Strict compliance of taxation rules
  3. Insurance needs

Pros of setting up a Self-Managed Super Fund:

  1. Tax-effective entity
  2. The potential for higher returns
  3. Opportunity to invest in a property directly
  4. The potential to increase you super balance
  5. At retirement age, the opportunity to draw a tax-free pension
  6. More control over your super
  7. Tax minimisation
  8. Life insurance can be paid via your SMSF

The income of your SMSF is generally taxed at a concessional rate of 15%. For more information, visit SMSF

Self-Managed Super Fund Accounting

Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Advisors in Melbourne

To make the most of this opportunity, it is worth hiring a Self-Managed Super Fund accountant who can guide you in this financial endeavour. We, at Tax Business Solutions, are passionate about helping our customers grow and reach financial freedom. Our professional, licenced Self-Managed Super Fund Advisors help you grasp the opportunity as they arise, for instance while investing in a potential property that could help generate your retirement income. Armed with 10 years of industry experience, Tax Business Solutions is all about the customer. Setting up your Self-Managed Super Fund accounts, Self-Managed Super Fund tax returns, Self-Managed Super Fund investment strategies, Self-Managed Super Fund auditing, and Self-Managed Super Fund property investment advice are just some of our services that we offer to ensure that you make the most of your super fund. You get complete control over your Super. Industry experience enables our Self-Managed Super Fund advisors to offer their expertise, so that any doubt, anything that bothers you can be discussed with a trusted professional and bring clarity to the situation so that you can make well-informed decisions.

It is also a great help when there is a professional at hand who is abreast all the taxation rules and legislations that are always changing. Hence, before you make any decision, you can seek the council of a Self-Managed Super Fund advisor in Melbourne. Having a Self-Managed Super Fund accountant ensures you with an action plan that can be constantly altered and redirected to fit your needs while taking into account the financial investment that you can make at the time. Investing in hiring a Self-Managed Super Fund advisor can save you quite a lot of money as The Australian Taxation Office is strict with rules regarding Self-Managed Super Fund. There are heavy penalties that can apply if the rules are breached. This is where your Self-Managed Super Fund advisor will be able to step in and assist you.

Having a Self-Managed Super Fund can be a great decision and can offer you much freedom and flexibility in the long run. You can contact us on 0470 651 910 to speak with our representative.